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2,000 JPY

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* Early 11/2021 〜 Late 11/2021 scheduled shipping.

【Pre-Order】 *This product will be released in November.* A MILLION TIMES 1. maru-take-ebisu 2. Kyoto Mood 3. Passage of The Moon (Togetsu kyo) 4. Casa 5. Odd Numbers 6. utatane 7. Lemonade 8. Order Made 9. Message on The Wind (Kaze no tayori ni) 10. Ordinary Day 11. A Million Times =Commentary= This album is in collaboration with RIHGA Gran Kyoto. Akihiro plays his original songs inspired by beautiful landscapes in his home town Kyoto. Hope our calm and bright days will last forever. =Special gift= Original postcard with Akihiro's autograph =Postage= Overseas postage from JAPAN is uniform 500 JPY. =Payment options= ・Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB, Diners Club) ・PayPal